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Unlocking Working Capital

There is a growing demand for working capital by small businesses while on the other hand there is a continuous need for secure and competitive returns for investors.

Nvoicia assists small businesses with unpaid invoices, gain access to working capital loans in order to efficiently run their businesses using these invoices.

We partner with Individuals and Institutional Investors to finance the Small business invoices in exchange for a competitive return on their investment.


Increase Working Capital

SME’S are the backbone of a thriving economy and our vision is to provide an environment where they can easily and efficiently grow their businesses, purchase more stock and pay salaries on time without financial distress.

We partner with credible and reliable Investors who are readily able to supply cash to SMEs in need of working capital. This means you get access to collateral-free working capital at a low interest rate.

Unlock your working capital today.

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Diversified Investments

Nvoicia is a secure online Invoice Factoring marketplace for investors to earn high returns in a short period of up to 90-days with low-risk. We provide better returns than most traditional investment schemes and you can invest from wherever you are.

We highly value our users, therefore, strict protocols for usage and security are maintained during user onboarding and transaction phases.

Diversify your investment portfolio today.

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Why Nvoicia?

Secure Legal Framework & Due Diligence

Detailed legal agreements and identity checks to prevent fraud.

Insurance Provision

Added layer of protection with on-demand insurance for Investors and Small businesses.

Robust Risk

In-depth Invoice Risk assessments to aid informed decision making.

Escrow Account

All invoice payments are made to accounts controlled by Nvoicia.

Cloud Verification Platform

Each invoice is validated before it is placed the marketplace


All investor funds securely are held by our partner bank.


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